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We know that travel is not one size fits all so to help, we have created the Plus Size Travel Too website as a hub of plus size experts, all looking to share their knowledge with fellow-travellers. If you're seeking adventure and don't know where to begin then don't worry, you're definitely in the right place.

From finding plus size friendly destinations and size-inclusive excursions to preparing for a comfortable flight and knowing exactly what to pack, we have absolutely everything you could need right here.
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Top Tips For Camping While Plus Size

When it comes to travelling while plus size, it's often hard to tell whether or not a particular activity is going to be plus size accessible before you you give it a go. Whether you're unsure of size restrictions or the thought of getting on a plane makes you feel incredibly anxious, often a lot more research and thought are required before we can decide whether or not you're going to feel comfortable on our trip.

One of those activities that require  A LOT more research, of course, is camping.

From sleeping bag sizes to your overall comfort, there are lots of concerns you may have as a plus size traveller wanting to camp. The good news is, it's something we would 100% recommend, especially if you're on a budget or looking to experience the outdoors for a change.

To help, here are some of our top tips to help make your camping trip as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Ensure You (Or Someone Else) Can Carry All Of The Equipment You Pack

One of the most daunting things when it comes to camping is knowing that you're going to have a lot of equipment to carry to and from your campsite, even if you decide to pack as light as you possibly can. From your sleeping arrangements to the tent you're using, you need to be sure you can carry everything that you're taking with you without causing yourself harm. 

If you're driving and you're able to park up outside each place you camp that's definitely a bonus! In most places, however, you will find that there's a short walk to the area that you're camping in. 

Consider Sizing Up When It Comes To Your Tent

It's no secret that tents are incredibly small when it comes to living space. They're designed to be as compact as they can possibly be in order to make them easy to carry and easy to set-up, which is completely understandable. 

While single-person tents are often big enough for plus size campers, it may be worth sizing up if you want to add an element of comfort to your trip or if you want to have enough space to store your luggage. 

If Needed, Ask For Help When It Comes To Setting Up Your Tent

Setting up your tent is definitely another worry for plus size campers, especially if it's something you have never done before. Although some options are quite easy to set up, they can often require you to contort your body in ways that are a little more difficult in a larger body. 

If possible, having someone there to help you set up is a great idea. Most tents that are designed for two or more people require more than one person to set them up so if that's the case, make use of that extra pair of hands. 

If you don't have anyone there to help you, consider buying a tent that has an easy setup. 

Pack As Light As You Possibly Can

Okay, this one might be a little more difficult but if you can, pack incredibly light. There's not a lot of storage space involved when it comes to camping and as a result every little bit of space you take up, is space that could be used to make you feel more comfortable. 

If you're travelling by car, consider storing everything you need there. 

Pack Comfortable Clothing 

Although you may feel as though you want to take all of your favourite clothes with you on your trip, packing practical clothing should be your absolute priority. From clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty to something that's going to cover you up when you're being eaten alive by mosquitos, practicality is INCREDIBLY important. 

If you're going to be hiking on your trip, make sure you're packing suitable hiking clothes too!

On That Note, Take A Suitcase That Is Easy To Move On All Terrains

You may not think about this when you're packing, but taking a wheely suitcase camping with you is definitely an impractical choice. With a chance of rough terrain in pretty much every campsite you'll visit, you're going to find it hard to move your suitcase from one place to another. 

Not only that, but you may find that you damage the wheels too. 

The best thing to do is consider taking a backpack, or a case that you're willing to leave in your car or trailer each day. 

Use A Camping Mat Or Self-Inflating Mattress

Sleeping while plus size is already something that can be incredibly uncomfortable but when you go camping, it's almost impossible to get comfortable on solid ground. 

Luckily there's a great way to give yourself a little bit of extra comfort, without taking up too much space in your bag. All you need to do is purchase a self-inflating mattress and within minutes, you'll have a thin mattress you can lie on each night. 

It's recommended that you size up to a double mattress, although single ones can still come up quite large if you go with the right brand. 

Size Up With Your Sleeping Bag

A lot of sleeping bags come up small as they're designed to be as compact as possible and while that makes sense, it can be difficult to find one that allows you a comfortable nights sleep. 

While there are a number of XL sleeping bags on the market, often it's easier to buy a two-person sleeping bag or to buy one that unzips fully so that it can be used as a blanket. In colder temperatures, mummy sleeping bags are best but the options are minimal. 

Research The Facilities Before You Choose Your Campsite

If you're worried about the facilities that will be available to you, it's best to research these before you choose your campsite. Whether you want clothes washing facilities or several different toilet blocks, knowing what you want from your campsite is important. 

If it helps, reading a couple of views or finding YouTube videos featuring the campsite is a great way to get a good feel of what to expect.

Obviously if you're wild camping, this isn't going to be an option.

Check Out The Campsite Map Before You Book

Campsites are often way bigger than you would expect, so it might be worth checking out the map before you arrive. Whether you're trying to locate all the facilities you'll need or just getting a good feel for the place, it doesn't hurt to be super prepared. 

Ask For A Spot Close To The Bathroom

One of the worst things about camping is having to walk to the bathroom in the dark so if this is something you're worried about, try asking for a spot that's close to the bathroom. The best way to secure this, of course, is to ask when you book rather than when you arrive.

Use Camp Karts If They're Available 

Finally, the karts that are available at each campsite are there for a reason and if you need one, don't be afraid to use them. They have a weight limit of around 600 - 800lb, so do bear this in mind if you're choosing to use one. 

Although camping isn't for everyone, it's definitely plus size friendly if you take the above tips and tricks into consideration. Have you ever camped before? Did we miss any tips out? Let us know in the comments or over on Instagram!